The Creation of TheGraficoStore

With a proven track record in retail merchandising and retail store design, Grafico Marketing Group has been designing and manufacturing both custom and standard merchandising fixtures for its clients for over 23 of its 30 year history.

Due to the popularity of the fixtures we have designed, brings you smart design at a reasonable cost. You can now have custom looking merchandising fixtures at a fraction of the cost shipped directly from our store to yours.

The systems you will find in work on the basis of being "families" of similar design and color, guiding your customer all the way from your exterior storefront, through the lobby, and to the point of transaction. Making your selections to create your own coordinated merchandising system is as easy as 1-2-3.

If you don't find something you need or need a custom color, just contact our help desk at 203-358-9595 x109. We can help you develop a retail marketing program beyond standard fixtures — for branding, digital signage, retail design and more visit